Thursday, 15 September 2011

Right, so, I mentioned this film opening in the last blog and I thought I'd let you know a bit more about it. Well, not the film, because we haven't worked that bit out yet, but the other things. Our production company is called Padamoose Productions, any hardcore Supernatural fans will understand why. Jess and I are both massive Supernatural fans, so that's how that one was born. Our studio company is called Gillett Studios, because my best friend is called Thomas Gillett, and his work was on the wall, so inspiration struck. It's pronounced gill-et, not jill-et, like the razor. Pronounce it wrong, and I will get very upset. Also, if you could not question Padamoose, we'll get on fine.

And onto the actual film, it's a psychological thriller.

That's literally all we know right now. We haven't worked out a plot, yet. We're great, I know.

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