Friday, 17 February 2012

Preliminary Analysis.

a) What camera angle has been used in each shot and what has gone well / needs improving; 
Our first shot is a long shot of Hannah entering the house, which then changes to a close up of her feet as she approaches the door. This was so that we could make the walk down the corridor slightly more interesting, as just her walking is a bit boring. It then cuts to a midshot, which tracks Hannah as she moves across the room to sit on the bed. We chose to use a tracking shot because we thought the cut would look really weird. It then (really badly) cuts to a two shot of the two of us. This was to use a larger variety of shots, but also to show that the two of us were there in the one space. Then, there is a shot-reverse-shot of close-ups on mine and Hannah's faces as we talk. We then used an over-the-shoulder shot as Hannah tells me she needs me soul, and it zooms to a close-up of her face, to add dramatic effect. It then is a close up (which also zooms) of my reaction. These are slightly over the top, but they're great. We then used a high angle shot, to show both me and Hannah. another two shot is then used, which then tracks Hannah as she leaves. The final shot is a mid shot of me, which zooms in.

I think the tracking shots work quite well, as they are quite smooth and effectively (and without using awkward cutting) get Hannah from one side of the room to the other both times they are used. I also like the two shots, as I think we're positioned quite well in the frame. The zoom shots make me laugh every time, and I quite like them because they add the dramas. The shot I have the biggest problem with is the high angled shot (with exception of any close up of my face, but that's not because the shot is bad, it's just because my face is there) because it looks quite awkward, as it's at a diagonal angle and only really gets the top of our heads in.

b) What have you learnt about what you need to do to the sound to make it more effective; 
We didn't encounter any problems with Ralph during the filming, as we only used dialogue when the camera was really close to the person. We have considered this for our coursework piece, though, and have made sure we talk loudly, so we can be heard.

c) Did you consider mise-en-scene? What do you need to do in your final piece to make sure it is better;
We didn't really think about costume because we didn't feel it was necessary, but in our final piece, this will be essential in establishing character and to show the two sides of Jess. Our only prop was a Jaffa Cake box, and that was just a last minute decision to add in, as we hadn't decided what we were actually going to say (we'd decided on all the shots, just not the dialogue), but they did end up being quite important to the scene. In our final piece, we're making sure to establish everything we are going to do before we shoot it, including dialogue and props.

d) How did you edit it together? What were the issues you faced?
We used Final Cut Pro to edit together our preliminary exercises, which proved to be quite easy. We just put the shots that we wanted onto the timeline, and then decided whether or not to put transitions in. The only real issue we faced was with the whole saving thing, because Final Cut Pro doesn't let you just save it, you have to let it convert it into a format and it's quite confusing. (I hate Macs). We also had a problem in editing, as one of our clips was filmed in two parts, so the cut is really off. For our final piece, we just need to not do that.

e) How have you used lighting? Were there any issues you faced? 
The light is all natural, and we didn't really put much consideration into it, as it was light enough that we didn't need to worry about artificial lighting.

f) How have you used a shot-reverse shot?
We used shot-reserve shot in the conversation, to show each of us speaking and to gauge a reaction.

g) How have you used a match on action or action match?
We were going to have the both of us walking around, but we realised that there was no room for that and it would've looked weird anyway, because there'd be no reason for me to randomly be walking about (unless I was pacing, awaiting Hannah's arrival and my Jaffa Cakes). Like Jess said, I suppose after I bit my Jaffa Cake, Hannah could've bit into my soul. Or something else evil. Not roast potatoes though, I like roast potatoes. More like tomatoes. They are food of the Devil, I tell you. Just writing that word pains my soul (not that I have one any more).

h) Have you kept to the 180 degree rule? Where have you broken it? Why? Was it intentional or was it accidntal? What do you need to consider to avoid this in the future? 
We broke it once, when Jess is on my bed, filming the high angled shot. This wasn't intentional, as we didn't know the rule when we filmed it, plus it couldn't be helped, because if Jess stood on the other side, she would have fallen off my bed. And I have a wooden floor, so that would have hurt.

i) Are there any continuity errors in your prelim? How could these be avoided?
I can't see any. But I could be wrong. I hope I'm not, because I'm the continuity editor of our final piece, so that would be bad.

j) Anything else you want to say about your prelim. 

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