Friday, 11 November 2011

After watching two films and one whole mini-series, I have finally decided to do something productive with my Friday evening. Here is a list of key terms that I will constantly be updating (not forgetting about and then trying to frantically compile a whole year's worth of terms next year, obviously...) as the year goes on.

  • Lighting: high key/low key
  • Costume
  • Props
  • Set/location
  • Charactors/actors
  • Production design
  • Make-up
  • Body movement/gestures
  • Dominance
  • Camera proxemics
  • Colour: dominance/symbolism
  • Diegetic (meant to be in the scene eg. dialogue)
  • Non-diegetic (not meant to be in the scene eg. soundtrack)
  • Pace/tempo
  • Instrumentation
  • Volume
  • Transitions: rapid cut, fade in/out, dissolve, cutting on the action, action match, eyeline match, intercutting
  • 180 degrees rule
  • Rule of thirds
  • Shots: extreme long, long, full, close-up, medium, extreme close-up, wide, weather.
  • Angles: bird's eye view, high angle, eye level shot, low angel, oblique angle, over the shoulder shot, point of view.
  • Camera movement: pan, tilt, dolly or track, crane, steadicam, hand-held, zoom in, reverse zoom, snorricam, zolly (dolly and zoom - zooming in at the same rate as a dolly moving away).
  • Framing
  • Shot/Reverse shot.

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