Monday, 7 May 2012

Bugger, I fell asleep.
I was hoping to have everything up by now, but my insane sleeping patterns always catch me off guard when I'm doing something important...
Okay, I'm on this.
The last two questions will be up soon.
I'm doing them as one presentation, because I keep finding myself going into question five whilst writing about question four.


  1. AAAAARGH! Just typed a long and massively amusing post* and then...BAM...posted and vanished.

    In essence it ran thus:
    1) Don't over do it - sleep is important
    2) When you;ve got everything you think you need to get up up, take a break
    3) Have a look at my feedback and action it when you've had a rest
    4) (massively contradictory one) Have you seen the extension tasks for evaluation questions 1 - 6 on the blog? No obligation to do any but if the mood takes you there is some extra work should you so wish.

    You may think you've already covered anything these tasks would get you to cover, but they're there if you want them.

    *in all honesty the pudding there is being well and truly overegged. I believe it may have been deemed slightly witty or mildly diverting at best.

  2. (I am very sorry for the lost of your post. May it rest in peace.)

    Sleep is not important when you have four AS subjects to pass!
    However, I may have to sign off from blogspot and not look at any media work for a few hours or I think I may go insane.

  3. Ah, man. Another spelling mistake. I really must go before I commit any more language crimes.

    1. The Dark Knight awaits. Am currently taking a break from marking Year 8s essays on mise-en-scene use in Batman Begins.