Monday, 7 May 2012

Evaluation Question 6 *Updated*

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  1. The Final Cut Pro section could be extended quite easily to show some specific examples of how you used it. You might feel you've already mentioned it elsewhere in your evaluation but I'm a pedant who feels much happier when each piece is complete and we don't have to make the moderator search for the evidence supporting the marks. I know it is here, but then I've been reading your blogs since September and know them really well; our moderator won't. Noone wants to make them search for it.

    To that end I'd suggest an extra few pieces on the various functions of FCP and how you used them - try to break down the post-production sequence into a series of steps...what did you have to do from uploading the footage to creating your final export? Harry has got some good ideas, you could have a look at his.

    Get some images on there to illustrate each section! It is a little text heavy.

    And...I just had a brilliant idea mid typing and it has deserted me...come back idea...come blank...

    That was it! Include a hyperlink to 'Unrendered: the movie' when you mention rendering as it captures your frustration and illustrates what you have learnt quite nicely. And you just thought it was footage of you lot running round and hitting computers.