Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I feel I haven't made a coursework related post in a while, and seeing as we edited today, I thought I could remedy this. Today has been a very good day, editing wise, and our first draft is more or less complete. The only thing it needs (that we can think of) at the moment is the music, which I have finished, just not recorded. It's taken me so long, but I'm out of practise and it's such tedious work that my patience runs out very quickly with it! But now that it's finished, and my keyboard can stop fearing for its life, all we need to do is get it recorded (which may not be such a simple task, I'm a perfectionist and I'll do it 8935349674783684 times before I think it's right...) and put onto the timeline.

We also made a couple of changes to our clips. We realised that the transition between the door clip and the horse clip was too rough, but no transition would do, so we swapped it round for the clip with the pentagram. There was also another reason for this. Jess is in first and second clip of her scene, but not in the pentagram clip, so we thought we'd swap them over to make more sense.

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