Tuesday, 31 January 2012

As I said earlier, we are having to film more footage, because we do not have enough as it is. This is for a few reasons.

  • A lot of the stuff we originally planned on doing wasn't actually included, because when we filmed it/looked back on it, it looked absolutely pants and we just couldn't use it. Some of the lighting was too dark, and we had a massive blunder with a couple of clips, in which we had the sound from the TV coming through. Also, in some of our clips, the framing looked good on the storyboard, but when we filmed it, it looked wrong. This meant (this appears to be my favourite phrase) that we had a lot of footage on the camera/in our heads, but when we looked at usable/good footage, there wasn't as much as we thought there was. 
  • I (at least) have no idea of space/time. Spacial awareness and knowing how long things are going to take are not good for me. The space one didn't really have an impact on our filming, but the time did. We thought it was going to last longer than it did, basically, because we only wanted the ritual and the death in the opening scene, but they did not take long at all. To avoid this happening again with our next clip, we should probably film everything lots of times so that we don't have the same problem of having unusable clips. There is dialogue in this scene, but we can remove lines and it will still make sense, to keep in with the time limit, but we can keep it in if we need the time.
  • We didn't consider the possibility that we wouldn't have enough, and so didn't prepare by having more footage than we'd need. On the camera, there is a load of recordings, but as I said in bullet 1), a lot of them we didn't use. We thought that we'd filmed more than we needed, but it turns out we didn't.
After we realised this, we remembered that we had had an idea of something that could come after. We had this idea waaaaaaay before we started filming, but we thought we'd have enough footage, and so we didn't consider even storyboarding it. Because of this idea, we didn't panic too much. We just edited together what we had (and got angered by FCP and the Mac because it kept dropping frames), and then decided to go to the blue room and practise what we needed to do, so that we would be ready to film ASAP.

We think the blue room should be a good location, because it's quite small, and it's soundproof, meaning that it's good if you want to talk and not be heard. The smallness of the room shows that the characters do not want to be overheard, which is what we were going for. Pictures shall arise soon!


  1. Can you give specific examples using media terminology for the first bullet point?
    How will you avoid bullet point two happening?
    Why didn't you consider bullet point three? Did I not do my 'make sure you film tonnes' dance/rant repeatedly?

    And please try to make sure there is a degree of formality to your writing. I enjoy the freshness of your posts but try to hold it in just a little. Remember, posts about your film are going to be of particular interest to the moderator.

  2. Let the blog bombing commence.
    SARAH. ME LOVE YOU 5EVA. I like your blog. Thought i'd let you know. Bye.

    1. Erm, I think I have a stalker on my blog...

    2. Forever alone. Forever unloved. Creeper love is deeper love but you don't understand that. GOOD DAY. I SAID GOOD DAY.