Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ruby Film Productions

Ruby Film and Television, founded in 1999 by Alison Owen in London, is the company that produced Chatroom. Seven producers work with Ruby as their sole job: Paul Trijbits, Alison Owens, Faye Ward, Hannah Farrell, Jenny Frayn, Helen Gregory and Sophie Vickers. They are based in London (Lloyd Baker Street, which I read incorrectly as Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes/Gerry Rafferty parts of my brain exploded). Their films/TV series have won 22 awards, including the Emmy Awards for Temple Grandin (2011). A full list of all their awards can be found here. They started out as a film company, making Rat in 2000, but branched out a year later to make Is Harry On The Boat?

The company does not use the same directors; each film has a different one, although in more than one case (Love And Hate/Love And Other Disasters/Fishtank) the writer has also directed the film. They've made some lower budget films, and some quite well known (The Other Boleyn Girl/Tamara Drew/Jane Eyre). They also tend to do a lot of films based on other works (Chatroom/Tamara Drewe/Brick Lane/Jane Eyre etc.)

They don't seem to have one type of film they do more than others; they do romantic comedies, dramas, comedies, thrillers and horrors.

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