Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Production/Distribution Of Chatroom.

Chatroom was shot in early 2010, at Shepperton Studios in Surrey. Some of the scenes were filmed on-location, in Camden, London Zoo (which I think is in, or near, Camden...), Charing Cross Station, Ealing, Regent's Canal, Staines (Surrey), Wimbledon and Primrose Hill. [This is completely irrelevant but I just discovered if you type in 'the production of Chatroom' into Google, my pre-production issues slideshare is on the first page of results, Google famous~]. There were many people involved in the production of Chatroom and, as we speak, I'm trying to find a magnifying glass to find out who they are (the text on the back of the DVD is so ridiculously tiny, and IMDb want me to pay them money to find out). There are about a billion producers and co-producers on this film (even though three are credited on the DVD case): Maya Amsellem, Katherine Butler, Hannah Farrell, Mark Folingo, Sharon Harel, Laura Hasting-Smith, Andrew Litvin, Alison Owen, Tania Reichert-Facilides, Eve Schoukroun, Faye Ward and Paul Trijbits. Why they have so many, I do not know. It seems like a waste to me. Casting was done by Nina Gold. The director of photography was Benoit Delhomme, and the editing was by Masahiro Hirakubo. There are tons more people involved in the production, so instead of listing them all, I will post a link here (I discovered I was clicking the wrong button on IMDb, technical genius I am): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1319704/fullcredits

Distribution was done by many different companies worldwide, but the UK distributor was Revolver Films, in conjunction with West End Films (West End Films did the world wide distribution). Revolver, who were acquired in September 2010, were given funding of £200 000 by the UK Film Council to distribute the film. It was released on 22nd December, 2010. Revolver (according to Wikipedia, which of course makes it accurate) planned to do a special online marketing campaign for the film. They did do a "take-over" of a few websites, and Facebook pages and Twitters were made for the official film. The film was premiered initially in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. The DVD was released by Revolver Films in 2011.

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