Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Production and Distribution of Anchorman.

Anchorman is a 2004 film, written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. It was directed by McKay, and stars Ferrell. It is a comedy, which takes a look at 1970s culture, in paritcular the format of the news and the role of men/women. Although the film is set in San Diego, the film is primarly shot in Los Angeles, Glendale and Long Beach, as they are in the studio zone (which I presume means they have studios in them), and San Diego is not. There are a few establishing shots of San Diego in the film, but they are anachronistic and show buildings that wouldn't have been there in the 1970s. It was filmed in 2003. Its budget was $26 000 000. The production company was DreamWorks.

Not gonna lie, I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to type out all the people involved in production, so I have made a visual and graphic masterpiece to illustrate my point.
I should do IT or graphics or some subject like that.

Anchorman was released on July 9, 2004 in 3,091 theaters and grossed $28.4 million in its opening weekend. It went on to gross $85,288,303 in North America and $5,285,885 in the rest of the world for a worldwide total of $90,574,188, well above its $26 million budget. In the UK, it didn't do as well. In its opening weekend, it grossed £555,864 and overall grossed £1,465,538. Its weekend gross (I have no idea what this is btw) is £555,864 in 291 screens.

IMDb has failed me and won't tell me how it was distributed in the UK, but in the US, it was distributed theatrically by DreamWorks (it actually took me a while to realease it meant into cinemas, and it wasn't just a dramatic distribution...). DreamWorks also distributed in the US on VHS (I have no idea why, nobody owns a VHS anymore [I mean, I do, but that's besides the point]) and DVD. The film was released in 8 countries (there are 7 on the website, but they didn't include England and I'm pretty sure it was released there if it got a UK gross...), including the US, Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany and some other places.

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