Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Our failed efforts at editing.

Today, divine intervention stepped in and prevented us from successfully editing. We haven't yet finished filming another part of our coursework, which is quite integral to our piece, so we couldn't do much on the editing front. So, we decided to design our logo, so that we could at least put that in. We looked for a font, but the fonts on Fireworks are rubbish, and the font generator we tried to use wouldn't work because I hate Macs and apparently the feeling is mutual. Then, we managed to go to the library and found a good pair of moose antlers we could use for the logo (so today wasn't completely a flop, I guess...), but we still couldn't find a font, because life is tragic and full of woe. Then, we thought 'ah, we'll do this bit at home, it's do-able at home', so we decided to maybe start putting together some of our more ridiculous clips for a blooper reel, but once again, divine intervention stepped in and Ralph died (Ralph is our camera, if you didn't know). It was a scary time, I tell you no lies. We thought our baby had died. He wouldn't work for so long, because he was stuck in purgatory (I thought I'd make this dramatic, so you can feel the emotions we felt during this difficult time) between USB mode and camera mode, but then Jess gave him new life and he lived! Scary times, but we got through it, and Marsha still has her skinny, ginger, Scottish husband. But by the time all of these calamities had ended, it was 10:30 and there was no time for editing anything. 

But at least Ralph is alright.


  1. Ralph I don't know where we would be without you. You are our inspiration. Our light on dark days. The apple to our pie. If it were not for you then we would have no coursework filmed and for that we are eternally grateful. Please Raplh don't ever die on us again...I don't think our hearts can take it...much love, your mothers. x x