Tuesday, 27 December 2011

What do you need to establish environment?
We have decided to use a crane shot of the pentagram to establish the environment in which the ritual is performed. We decided to do this to immediately set the tone for that particular scene. For the scene with the death, we decided to begin it with a long shot, showing the character on the sofa, with pretty much the whole room in view. This is to establish the setting, and to establish normality, in contrast to the other scene.

When do you show establishing information?
We show it within the first to clips. The scene with the death is spliced (once again, not sure if that's the word, might not be. It's a nice word, though, isn't it?) in between shots of the ritual, so we establish setting, tone and two characters straight away.

When do characters move and how do you show it?
The character who dies gets up off the sofa and walks into the kitchen. We shot this in a variety of ways, such as a tracking shot and from different angles. We will decide which one to use when it comes to editing, based on which one looks better. The character performing the ritual doesn't move very much, she just leans to get the book.

Whose POV is this from?
It's not from a person's point of view. It's just a camera watching things happen, like a stalker.

What are the significant eyelines and when do they change?
The girl performing the ritual's eyeline is constantly down, looking at her book. It doesn't change, I don't think. The girl who dies has an eratic eyeline, going everywhere, because she's not focusing on anything in particular, until she dies. Then her eyes are looking just off-camera, but at one point she looks directly at the camera, to break the fourth wall and freak he audience out.

When/why does the camera move?
It moves a lot in the death scene, cutting to different angles. It also tracks the girl who is going to die, to allow enough time for credits and to get the character from the living room to the kitchen. There is no real camera movement in the ritual scene.

What kind of coverage do you need?
We filmed the death scene from a lot of different angles, so that we could choose from a variety of shots to use to make it seem more interesting. The movement from living room to kitchen only got filmed a couple of times, because it's not as significant. The ritual will also be filmed from different angles, to also give a lot of space for editing.

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