Sunday, 29 April 2012

Coursework Development.
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Powerpoint is my one true love.
This work came from a table we did in class. Here is said table:

 Please try to get past the fact that my handwriting looks like a spider went on a bender and tried to write a suicide note, the stuff on the paper is actually pretty relevant.

This is the draft before we had music sorted

This is the draft with music

Thiiiis is the draft where everything just changed.

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  1. I'm now having trouble telling the difference between which blogs I've commented on, what is on each one and what comments I've already left so advanced apologies if there is repetition or asking you to include things you've already posted elsewhere.

    If possible can you add in some stills or video versions of your drafts (where still available) to illustrate the changes.

    Stick up the table too if you can (embed off Scrib or Slideshare) to ensure the whole breadth of your changes is fully identifiable. Because you did tonnes and there was a very real sense of development as you went through this so it'd be lovely if we can really show this off fully.