Sunday, 1 April 2012

Initial Research.

I am a lazy girl so this is only just putting this up. This was important to us, though, because it helped us to gauge whether people would like our idea or not. If they'd have all said no, I have no idea what we would have done!
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So I finally got around to putting that data into a way that people can actually read it and they're not just taking my word for it. I asked 13 people to do this for me. It seems like an odd number, but I only had enough paper in my printer for 13 copies. I gave them out to people in my classes, to a couple of teachers and I think that's about all I have to say on this matter. Enjoy.

I also realised I should give some interpretation of sorts. From these results, we can conclude that our idea will be well received, as long as we do it creatively and originally. The people I asked were clearly fans of our genre, with all but one choosing it. Psychological horror was also the most popular, showing that I chose an appropriate audience to fill out my questionairre. The majority of people said they liked our idea and liked ritual films, showing that our film would be well received by them if we did it well.

A later edit:
This research was really important to us, because it helped us to decide what form our film would take. We were thinking of doing the psychological thriller, but knowing that the majority of people we asked liked it meant that we knew people would receive it well. The questionnaires also told us that people thought plot was the most important thing, so to really, really focus on that, which we did. We spent so long working on the plot that we basically mapped out the entire film, just so that the beginning would have the best plot it could. We also realised from our questionnaire that we'd have to handle the ritual scene with creativity and that it would have to be interesting and creative, which helped us when doing our storyboard and planning what we were actually going to film, because it forced us to think of something interesting and not just settle for something people've seen before. Most people picked psychological thriller, which meant that we realised we'd have to make it very atmospheric because that fits the conventions of that genre.

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