Thursday, 19 April 2012


Today, we presented our films to an audience to gain feedback. It was a good evening, although the equipment decided not to play nice. It was a good, though, to see what everyone else had been up to these past few months (we've been so absorbed in getting ours right that we've had no idea what anyone else had been up to) and to see the music videos which we'll have to do next year. And we do now have a lot of valuable feedback to put into our evaluations! HUZZAH.

We also discovered that me, Jess and Hannah are incredibly awkward and cannot talk in front of people. And I also can't bear to watch myself on screen. I think I said "Oh god I'm a troll I hate myself and everything I do" about 10000000 times whilst ours was being shown. I'm so awkward.

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  1. Can you get the audience feedback analysis posted to your blog please (unless it is in one of the following posts in which case, thanks for posting your analysis).