Sunday, 1 April 2012

For my initial questionairre, I had to get the people to choose between sub-genres of horror. On the actual questionairre, I gave an example of each type of horror, but there wasn't enough space when I tried to put it all into one place to show the results, so I'll do it now. Plus, I have nothing to do because it's Sunday and apparently where I live ceases to exist after 3 on a Sunday.

Body horror: graphic destruction or mutilation of the human body. Other body horrors include unnatural movements or placing limbs in unnatural places to create some kind of monster. Examples of this sub-genre: The Human Centipede, Cabin Fever, Teeth.
Monster horror: a film which features a creature as the bad guys. Examples of this sub-genre: Frankenstein, King Kong, Pirhana.
Natural horror: nature 'running amok' in the form of carniverous insects, mutilated beasts and other harmless creatures/plants being turned into villains. Examples of this sub-genre: The Birds, Jaws, Pet Semetary.
Psychological horror: relies on characters emotions and experiences, sometimes the supernatural, music and other things to build tension. Examples of this sub-genre: Silent Hill, The Shining, 1408.
Slasher horror: characters being killed in sequence, and generally in graphic ways, by one (usually) psychopathic killer. Examples of this sub-genre: Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream.
Zombie horror: features creatures usually depicted as undead or mindless humans, usually revolving around the survival of the 'uninfected'. Examples of this sub-genre: 28 Days Later, Dawn Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead.

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