Sunday, 1 April 2012


As you know, in our filming diaries, we took extra care to point out the health and safety issues we faced. Considering that we say HEALTH AND SAFETY really loudly before we announce a point, it should be quite obvious to see. However, I shall compile a master list of all our health and safety issues and how we dealt with them.

  • The loft: yes, there is a hole to get into the loft. No, we did not fall down it. We couldn't put the hatch back up, because we wouldn't have been able to get back out, but in Jess's loft there are strategically placed raised beams around the hole so that you can clearly see how close you are to it. As long as you're behind those beams (which we were), you won't fall out. I have really bad vertigo, so I wasn't even allowed anywhere near the beams. We also did a surveillence of the loft floor for pins and everything, so we wouldn't stab our feet with them.
  • The open flames: we were very, very considerate of flames. We all made sure, but I double checked because fire terrifies me more than anything and I didn't want to cause one! We made sure we had a bucket of water on hand, which there is a picture of (I'll find it later, I'm on a roll with this typing thing), plus we only had the candles lit when it was absolutely necessary. Jess's fire alarm works, so her family would be aware (not that we wouldn't be screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE BRO FIRE if there were one). Jess's family were aware that we were using open flames and agreed to it. Jess's cloak was also to be tucked in unless necessary for the shot, and then she was to be as far away from the candles as possible. I gave my dad a rough idea of what we were doing, because he used to be a fireman, and he told us that what precautions we took were sufficient.
There wasn't much health and safety to consider here. We just had to be careful not to get the blood on the actual floor, to be honest. When I fell, I didn't just drop like a stone so I didn't hurt myself, although that's more common sense than health and safety. There was no really issues, to be honest.

  • In the park: We did not go into the part which said DANGER, we just took a picture of the sign. We were allowed in the part where Hannah filmed they 'hey, I'm Esther' part, and we also chose a location where there are more staff nearby so that if something did happen, we'd be able to get help. The well was covered over, so we couldn't fall in. We made sure there were no creepers lurking behind bushes before we filmed? I don't know what else to put here.
  • In the town centre: we made sure not to include anybody else, so we didn't have to ask them for permission to use their face; we changed our clothes in the toilets so sexual predators couldn't pounce on us; we made sure not to be a disturbance to other people by being considerate of our noise levels and where we filmed.
 I can't think of any more at the moment. 

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