Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Costumes and Props.

((At some point, I will probably make a master list of every post related to the coursework, but for now, it'll just sit here, because I haven't done them all yet. Also, I'll be updating this post as I get more pictures of costumes/props.))

Is this a prop or not? I'm uncertain. Although we placed it there specifically, so I'm guessing so. This is a rug. It is used for my death. As stated before in an earlier post, we got permission and all that jazz.

I've already written about this as well. It's the cut we used. Once again, did not actually stick a knife in myself, we used wax and fake blood that we made using washing up liquid and food colouring with a little bit of cornflower/cornflour/however you spell it.

This is what I wear to die. It's pyjamas, because I'm meant to be just chilling in my house before I die. I'm just thankful for old Sainsbury's tops that could be covered in blood and nobody would care. Got to love my mother. We covered my top in fake blood, otherwise it would just look weird that I randomly drop to the floor and die.

I've explained all the health and safety involved in this before, so I won't again. This is a pentagram, two skulls and about 50 candles. This is to set the mood for the ritual, as you'd hardly do it in broad daylight around a rainbow.

This is a bottle of water. I carry it from the kitchen and then drop it on the floor as I die.

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