Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Roles and Responsibilities

Director: Hannah. This means that Hannah is in charge of what appears on the screen. She positions the people, and is basically in charge on set.
Producer: Sarah.
Editor: Sarah. This means that I am in charge of editing the piece post-filming.
Director of cinematography: Hannah. This is a fancy phrase for cameraman, I've been told.

Lighting: Sarah. This means if the lighting's bad, I have to fix it.
Craft services: Jess.
Make up: Jess. This means she's in charge of everyone's make up.
Costume: Jess. This means she has to sort out the costumes and whatnot.
Prop wrangler: Hannah. Hannah has to go get us props.
Transport manager: Hannah. She also has to take us everywhere.
Cast: Jess, Sarah, Hannah. We have to be in it.
Location manager: Jess. We're using her house, so it made sense.
Continuity editor: Sarah. Love me some continuity, so I'm in charge of making sure it makes sense, flows properly, and nothing is out of place.
Set dresser: Jess. She makes up the set and makes it look good.

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