Saturday, 24 December 2011

Here are some pictures of our set and prosthetics (prosthetics? I don't know what word I mean. It's probably not that...) for our coursework:
Jess's living room (+Hannah)

Another angle. We couldn't remove the Christmas tree, it was huge.

This is the rug where I die. We gained permission from Jess's mum to use this rug (it was got out of the loft especially so that we could destroy it because they were throwing it away anyway), as it was going to get bloody.

This is the kitchen where I failed to get a bottle of water about 20 times because I couldn't shut the fridge...

This is the kitchen again. 

This is the cut we used in the scene. It's pretty cool. We didn't actually cut me, don't worry. It's special wax that Jess's mum has that make wounds. And that's not real blood. It's washing up liquid (which smells absolutely wonderful, by the way) mixed with food colouring (which we thought was meant to taste like nothing. It did not. We put it on spaghetti and nearly died because it tasted so bad... [For health and safety reasons, I should probably add that we did not literally nearly die. But we slightly wished we had after that. Food colouring is not nice, at all]).

We decided to use the living room and kitchen because it is a normal place where you expect this character to be, as she is just a normal person. The only problem that we really encountered was with the kitchen and knowing which angles to use, because we initially intended for me to get a glass out, but it was too cramped and so I had move further down towards the fridge. Also, we had to deal with the kitchen being around the corner and having to decide whether to do a tracking shot, or whether to let me leave the frame and start another one in the kitchen.

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