Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inspiration for our film opening...

As you'd expect from our group, Supernatural had a big influence in what we did. Take a look at this and just look at how great Bobby is you'll see where the inspiration for the pentagram and how the scene should look and feel. Then, there's this, which was an excuse to watch Jensen Ackles and his beautiful face and listen to that beautiful voice inspired our Latin piece that Jess is going to say. We definitely didn't get terrified that we were going to actually summon a demon and so decided to recite an exorcism just in case, no way...

The Rite is also an inspiration, for me at least. Once again, this is about exorcism and not summoning, but it does set a tone which we could try to achieve. 

I love the flashing images and the way nothing stays on the screen for too long in the opening credits for Se7en and thought maybe that would look good in our film.

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