Tuesday, 27 December 2011

General information on the film.

The themes of our film are rituals, death, demons, Satanism (which doesn't help my 'I swear I'm not a Satanist' argument made in previous posts...) and murder. The mood is quite calm at the beginning, but as it progresses, it gets more tense and more dark. The scene with the victim should be filmed indoors, in a house with normal lighting. It should take place early morning/late at night, so the curtains should be drawn and only artificial light should be used. This should give the feeling of normality and casual existence. The ritual scene should ideally take place outside, but practically dictates we need to film it inside, in a darkened space, preferably black. It should be dimly lit, with candles and possibly other, subtle, artificial lighting. This should give the effect of being quite creepy, and unnatural, as that's what rituals should be like. The props used are a rug and a bottle of water for the death scene, which also adds to the normality, and the clothes worn are natural, normal clothing (pyjamas). The props used in the ritual scene are more unnatural: a lot of candles, a bowl, a pentagram (made of paper) and skulls, and the clothing is a dark cloak over dark clothing. This adds to the feel of evil.The character that is killed keeps her phone and not much else around her. The character performing the ritual keeps her bowl, her skulls and her candles around her.

I do not know what colour palette means.

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