Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shooting Schedule.

Our schedule isn't terribly detailed and only lasts a few days, because we only have two sets and two scenes we need to film.

December 22nd: death/blood/carpet scene. 
December 29th: pentagram/ritual scene
January 1st - January 10th: re-filming/corrections as needed.

We hope to finish by January 10th at the latest, so we can get to editing as soon as possible.

I like italics. Italics are cool. But underlines aren't. Underlines are just awkward and pointless and irrelevant. This cool story was brought to you by Sarah Byard. 

EDIT: There has been much more filming since then, and lots more scenes filmed, most we didn't use:
February 15th: Scene involving Jess/Sarah - was not used.
February 16th: Scene involving Hannah/Jess - used in first draft, not second.
March 25th: Dream filming - used.

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