Tuesday, 27 December 2011

More set pictures.

This is a set we intend to use for another scene in our film opening. We set it up how it would look when we're done with it, so you can see what we're planning on doing and yell at us if it's wrong.

We originally were going to designate this as the set for the ritual scene; however, this didn't work out because as we were setting it up to take a finished picture of it, we remembered that nature existed and that wind blows out candles pretty easily. Good thing we realised then, otherwise we'd have been buggered for filming. Also, you may notice that the floor is wet. This is another force of nature that would end our filming, so outdoors went out the window (see what I did thur hur hur hur)

This is what it would've looked like. Just for the lols, we left it out there and went back at night (we decided it needed to be dark, so night time was the best thing to do. This also proved to be a task, because we realised that Ralph wouldn't be able to see anything because it would be dark...) to see what it would've looked like. It would have looked awesome and so so creepy, but alas, it was not to be. Maybe God saw what we were doing and decided to put a stop to it.

'Elf and safety. Nice cup of water to extinguish any fires that could occur from the candles. We used a lot of candles, but apparently we're so good with fire that we didn't set anything alight. 

We decided not to let God's disapproval of our film get us down, and moved our location indoors. When we film, I'll probably take another picture, because these two aren't so great. But yeah, this is what it's going to look like. We used two black blankets to cover the floor, and the wall, so it didn't look like a house, because we didn't want it to look like a house (a ritual looks less threatening if it's done by a staircase...). It's black and everything to look dark and mysterious and creepy. When we film it, we'll use more than just candlelight (there's a light up the stairs that will light it properly - I think we tried it out - without making it seem too light). Just fyi, that pentagram took so, so long, as it is made of paper. Cut up paper. Cut up tiny pieces of paper.

'Elf and safety - the candles were not on the blanket, because that is just asking to set the house on fire. They were an appropriate distance away, as blankets are quite flammable. My dad used to be a fireman, so I'm pretty experienced in fire safety, and I'm sure he'll take a look at this picture and let us know anything else we can do to ensure our safety. Don't worry, we won't be setting fire to anything any time soon.

The only problem we might encounter here is lighting and possibly camera angles, as this is also not a very large space. It's big enough, and it's right by the stairs which is great for the crane shot, but we may have to re-locate to a larger space. Probably not though, it's big enough for our purpose (that really doesn't look right, I don't know why. Purpose. You know when a word just doesn't seem right? Hmm. Purpose.)

EDIT: We are now not using the rituals settings. In a video diary, we explain where we are when we filmed that.

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